We are the Corenas: Luis, born and raised in El Salvador surrounded by coffee plantations; and Kathryn, a lifelong New Yorker. We met and married in San Francisco and transplanted to the Village of Ossining many moons ago. Now, we’re taking a leap and opening the coffeehouse we’ve been wishing for all these years!

First Village Coffee serves as a classic (yet unique to the area) coffeehouse and social hub where locals and destination seekers alike enjoy the highest-quality specialty coffee and teas, pastries, art, music, community, and ambience.

We envision a space that reflects the diversity, culture, and inclusive vibe of Ossining and serves as a ‘home base’ for all it’s awesome residents: art from local artists and students will adorn the walls, open mic nights for local musicians, pop-up community dinners prepared by local culinary artisans; a one-stop coffee and culture spot for ALL. And we’re looking forward to you being a part of it!!