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Serving good coffee
to great people

What makes us tick

We’re the little shop with big dreams. Dreams of taking care of our community and planet. Dreams of helping neighbors become lifelong friends. Dreams of working with the best roasters in the country – and little by little, we’re making those dreams come true.

We carefully curate a menu of specialty coffees from a rotating roster of sustainable roasters who obsess over quality. The result is a consistently delicious experience for our customers, and support for coffee growers worldwide.

We believe in the art of hospitality. When you come through our door, you become our guest not simply a consumer. Have questions about the menu? Ask away. Want some advice on the best home brewing methods? We’re all over that. Have a suggestion for a new playlist? Yes, please!

We care about our community and the planet we inhabit. We use only compostable take-away products, limit the amount of animal products we use, offer metal straws instead of plastic, and are actively working towards eliminating single-use plastics.

We are committed to sustainability.

As we go about serving specialty coffee, craft pastries, and being home to a warm community, environmental sustainability is always an important part of what we do. As a business we have the opportunity and responsibility to offer solutions to make our customers’ experience a little greener. At FVC, you’ll find compostable to-go wear, strawless lids, ceramic and glass cups for in-house drinks, discounts for bringing your own mug, and metal straws. Perhaps most importantly, our coffee selection has been chosen not for how tasty it is, but also because of how the roasters and producers integrate sustainability into their work.